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Birthdays & Feastdays


June 22nd - Sister Anne Marie Knawa

July 12th - Sister Emilie Marie Lesniak

August 16th - Sister Joseph Marie Zenda

August 19th - Sister M. Helene Galuszka

August 25th - Sister M. Francis Clare Radke

September 15th - Sister M. Bernadette Bajuscik

September 20th - Sister M. Alacoque Czartoryski


June 29th - Sister M. Petronia Budzinski

July 26th - Sister Anne Marie Knawa

August 11th - Sister M. Francis Clare Radke

August 11th - Sister Mary Clare Brunkala

August 18th - Sister M. Helene Galuszka

August 27th - Sister M. Monica Sendlosky

September 15th - Sister Doloria Kosiek

September 19th - Sister Emilie Marie Lesniak

September 29th - Sister M. Gabriel Lazarski