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The Franciscan Sisters of Chicago is a congregation of Catholic women living the Gospel life and dedicated to serving others for 120 years. We serve the people of God through works prompted by our charism: care for children, the sick, the infirm, and the elderly; and pastoral and social services.

The Franciscan Sisters of Chicago have adapted to the changing needs of society and expanded and refocused its ministry to respond to the changing needs of those served. The ability and need to serve continues to evolve and we are responding with new ministries in the areas of affordable housing, home health, hospice, and various community benefit services.

Guided by its Franciscan spirit, The Franciscan Sisters of Chicago celebrate life and are committed to joyful, compassionate service.

Located in Crown Point, Indiana, St. Jude House serves as a safe shelter for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and their dependent children. We offer support to victims as they pursue violence-free lives. Nearly 400 adults and children come to St. Jude House seeking safety and peace every year. Since opening in 1995, more than 9,400 people have been served by St. Jude House. Click Here to go to StJudeHouse.org

The Foundation focuses on empowering young urban women through education and leadership formation by increasing access to Catholic high schools. Most live in economically and socially disadvanted areas, marked by gang activity, violence, and drug trafficking. With the scholarship from the Madonna Foundation, almost 100 young women each year are able to receive a quality education which prepares them for college. Click Here to go to MadonnaFoundation.org

Franciscan Ministries are 12 independent, assisted, and skilled nursing facilities located throughout the chicago area, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Ohio. These communities serve more than 1,200 seniors each year, providing clean, secure housing and compassionate care. Along with the highly-trained staff, The Sisters offer residents serenity, dignity, and person centered care.
Click here to go to Franciscan Ministries

As Franciscan Sisters of Chicago, we serve the people of God and give witness to the faithful love of God for all of creation through our lives and through the works prompted by our charism:

  • Education
  • Care of children and the sick, elderly and infirm
  • Parish and other pastoral services
  • Social services

We follow in the footsteps of St. Francis and Mother Mary Theresa Dudzik to serve through our consecrated life and the works of our congregation. Fidelity to our founding charism is the directing principle which guides our congregation in the choice of its works.

Whatever the form of our individual ministry, we know that our task is to witness the goodness of God and to transform the peoples of the world through compassionate service.