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This year National Catholic Schools Week is from January 31st through February 6th. The Franciscan Sisters of Chicago have had a long history in the field of education. Over the years, they staffed many parochial schools, providing Sisters for teaching assignments throughout several US states. This week we would like to honor all of our Sisters who have taught in Catholic schools over the years. Below is a list of our Sisters who served in the ministry of education and a photo gallery of some of them through the years:

Sr. M. Bernadette Bajuscik
Sr. M. Joella Bielinski
Sr. Mary Clare Brunkala
Sr. Diane Marie Collins
Sr. M. Rosemary Ferus
Sr. M. Helene Galuszka
Sr. Anne Marie Knawa
Sr. Doloria Kosiek
Sr. M. Colette Kwieczka
Sr. M. Francine Labus
Sr. M. Gabriel Lazarski
Sr. Emilie Marie Lesniak
Sr. Kathleen Melia
Sr. M. Dorothea Micek
Sr. M. Francis Clare Radke
Sr. Lois Marie Rossi
Sr. Monica Sendlosky
Sr. Jeanne Marie Toriskie
Sr. M. Celeste Walkowski
Sr. Joseph Marie Zenda