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The Franciscan Sisters of Chicago held their annual Dinner Dance on Saturday, November 2nd at Crystal Grand Banquets in Lemont, Illinois. This year the Sisters celebrated the 125th anniversary of the founding of their congregation with the theme, "With Undivided Hearts". A newly created 125th anniversary banner was placed at the entrance. This banner exhibited photos of the Sisters through the years and honored all who have served in the congregation as it displayed the names of every Franciscan Sister of Chicago, living and deceased.

Once visitors arrived, Sister M. Bernadette Bajuscik, General Minister of the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago, spoke to the guests and welcomed them. "Good evening dear Sisters and friends. Thank you for joining us as we celebrate our 125th anniversary. It has been an incredible journey, a journey with ups and downs, twists and turns, challenges and successes. However, we have been fortunate enough to stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. It also has been a journey with God. And, what I have learned from my past experience is that when one journeys with God, you are never alone because He is always with you. And the other thing I’ve learned is that He sends friends. Friends like you who are here tonight celebrating with us. Therefore, it is my pleasure to thank you for journeying with us and to promise you a remembrance in our prayers. May God bless each of you."

After Sister thanked the crowd for coming, Dawn Mayer, VP of Mission Integration & Pastoral Care at
Franciscan Ministries gave a touching toast to the Sisters and the Very Rev. Thomas Paul gave the blessing. After dinner, the guests enjoyed a prize raffle and a 'split the pot.' Live music was provided by the Together Band.

The Franciscan Sisters of Chicago thank all who attended the dinner dance and express their gratitude to the following friends who partnered with the Sisters to make the Autumn Dinner Dance a success: Belinda Alicea, Mr. Guy Alton, Judy Amiano, Anchor Capital, Jessica Basile, Patricia Carroll, Ed & Kay Burton, Sam and Cathy Coltun, Dr. & Mrs. Peter Doris, John Glover, Dolores Grantz, John Grele, Cindy Hall, Henry Bros, Peggy & Bill Hogan, Jim & Kathy Kelly, Francine Modelski, John Nania/Nania Energy
Daniel Noonan, Roberta Parkhill, Susan & Carol Schroeder, Dr. James J. Strzyz, Teresa Szymula
Thompson, Siegel & Walmsley, and Loretta Zurek.

Thank you to the following raffle donors: Car Quest, Celina's Fresh Market, Chicago Wolves, Embers Tap House, George's Restaurant, Davia Humphrey, Jameson's Charhouse, Jewel Osco, Juicy Luzy Sangria, Krystyna's Jewelry, Lange's Woodland Florist, Sister Emilie Marie Lesniak, Vicki Olsen, Carol Oprondek, Mary Mosser, Public Landing, Rosati's, Starbucks, Strike n Spare II, 3 Corners Grill & Tap, The Tap House Grill, and W.A. Jewelers.

Thank you to the following attendees:

Immaculate Conception Parish
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kamis
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Lee, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Lee, Jr.
Very Reverend Thomas Paul

Sisters of St. Casimir
Sister Virginia Garsis, SSC
Sister Janine Golubickis, SSC
Sister Rita Marie Kerdock, SSC
Sister Theresa Papsis, SSC
Sister Margaret Petcavage, SSC
Sister Deborah Romanoski, SSC

Jamie Arreola
Derek Brown & Guest
Jay Mandra & Guest
Matthew Scalzitti & Guest
Anna Sprlova

Nicole Cekal
Annette Fischer
Matt King
Gerald Lemmer
Holly Pawlak
Jessica Rocha
Juan Salas
Jose Valdez

Sr. M. Bernadette Bajuscik, OSF
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Bannon
Mr & Mrs. Greg Belback
Sr. M. Joella Bielinski, OSF
Terri Black
Denise Boudreau
Ewa Chrzanowska
Mr. & Mrs. David Cohn
Lucien Conte
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Czerwinski
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Duckett
Catherine Duffin & Guest
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Dusatko
Ryan Elinkoeski
Sister M. Helene Galuszka, OSF
Marge Garbacz
Mr. & Mrs. John Grele

Vicki Had
Cindy Hall & Guest
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Harris
Judy Horka
Karen Hunsaker
Dorothy Huzior
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Ingham
Erika Jackson
Jean Jackson & Guest
Sr. Jean Therese Jarosz, OSF
Jill Kachin
Kathy Kelly
Fran Klappa
Sr. Doloria Kosiek, OSF
Ms. Olivia Kozy & Guest
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Kozy
Sister Emilie Marie Lesniak, OSF
Sheila Loberg
Mr.& Mrs. George Maddock
Dawn Mayer
Tim McLaughlin
Mary Mosser
Maria Mulcahy
Daniel Noonan
Vicki Olsen
Elizabeth Pienta
Radoslaw Poltorak
Corrine Pope
Sr. Lois Prebil, OSF
Alyssa Pridhan
Sister M. Francis Clare Radke, OSF
Mr. & Mrs. Milton Rogers
Barb Russell
Juan Salas
Christine Schuler
Kim Sefcik
Mr. & Mrs. John Szlembarska
Patricia E. Tarczewski
Michele Tomich
Sister Jeanne Marie Toriskie, OSF
Mr & Mrs. Rich Truesdale
Mae Tyler
Brent Urban
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Wolniakowski
Sonja Wolniakowski
Steven Wolniakowski
Mr. & Mrs.Brad Zielke